Transforming your landscape into a place where flora thrives means setting down the best standard for mulch and topsoil. These materials are where flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees take root, and they need to be of the highest caliber if they’re going to support your foliage. And, if you’re using any of them as a finishing material for your landscape, they have to be visually appealing as well.

J.L. Steele Earth Solutions specializes in laying high-quality natural and color-enhanced mulch to spruce up any property. Whether the project is a new playground, revitalizing an existing landscaping project for your home or office, or helping to stem erosion we’ve worked in all industries from municipal governments to commercial property management.

For the very best in topsoil and mulch delivery in the Connecticut area, there’s no name more trusted than J.L. Steele Earth Solutions. We can offer you the widest variety of mulch styles and grade-A topsoil, to ensure that you are getting the products needed to build a landscape that’s alluring, healthy and beautiful.

Not sure which of our mulches suits your needs best?  Check out descriptions and pricing from local vendors; ie Home Depot, Lowes; read the descriptions, and let us know if you have questions! For the very best in landscaping, call today.

Double Shredded Hardwood: Our most popular mulch.  This is a twice-processed mixed hardwood product, suitable for any application.

Triple Shredded Perennial: Slightly darker than the Double Shredded Hardwood, this product is more finely ground and is particularly suited for smaller flowers which might otherwise be dwarfed by a coarser mulch.

Color-enhanced: We offer three colors; Dark Brown, Black, and Red.  These are dyed, not spray painted so the color won’t flake off.

Economy Wood Chips: A first-grind product, this is designed for situations where the aesthetics aren’t of primary importance. Perfect for keeping an area covered and resistant to erosion.

Premium Cedar Mulch: Our premier mulch is ground from 100% cedar.  This brings a natural insect resistance, and pleasing aroma to mulched areas.  Please note that cedar is available for delivery only.  Cedar cannot be installed.